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About Us

A Northern California born company, our goal is to live life to the extreme and love every minute of it. We know life is short, so we do what we love each day and get Squirly doing it!! With a deep love for Moto, Snow, Wake, Skate & Bike we decided to build a lifestyle brand around these sports we grew up on. We started Squirly in 2001 and are a family based business, No corporate style here, just a rider owned company that wont sacrifice quality or cut corners when producing Squirly products. We print everything right here in Cali and support our team ridders and their communities in anyway we can.

We value our customers, team riders and fans and love hearing from you, so drop us an email with any questions, suggestions or just to say hi and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks again for stopping by and reading a little about us and we hope to see you Gettin Squirly soon!!!